New Mexico State Land Office Enterprise Data
These data are produced and maintained by the New Mexico State Land Office, and are provided as is. The New Mexico State Land Office assumes no responsibility or liability for, or in connection with, the accuracy, reliability, or use of the information provided herein. Moreover, these data do not constitute an official record of title. Matters concerning land title should be directed to the Records Division of the New Mexico State Land Office.
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Feature ClassTitle/DescriptionRevisionMetaDataDownload
slo_slosdiv.shpNew Mexico State Trust Lands By SubdivisionThis data set provides a detailed delineation of state trust lands. Each nominal PLSS subdivision (aliquot, lot, tract, or analogous subdivision) of trust land is delineated.02/17/2017(23.1 MB)
slo_slost.shpNew Mexico State Trust LandsThis feature class provides an aggregate delineation of state trust lands for mapping purposes.02/17/2017(3.1 MB)
slo_agleased.shpActive Agricultural LeasesThis data set delineates agricultural leases active on state trust lands.12/31/2016(2.0 MB)
slo_cmleased.shpActive Commercial LeasesThis data set delineates commercial leases active on state trust lands.12/31/2016(0.1 MB)
slo_mnleased.shpActive Minerals LeasesThis data set delineates minerals leases active on state trust lands.12/31/2016(<0.1 MB)
slo_ogleased.shpActive Oil and Gas LeasesThis data set delineates oil and gas leases active on state trust lands.07/15/2017(1.2 MB)
slo_enleased.shpActive Renewable Energy LeasesThis data set delineates renewable energy leases on state trust lands12/31/2016(<0.1 MB)
los_potashdistrict.shpR-111-P Potash District BoundariesThis data set delineates the potash district as set forth in New Mexico Oil Conservation Commission Order R-111-P.03/11/2009(< 0.1 MB)
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